Helpful Pocket Guide: How to Win at I KNOW TOO MUCH

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Game: I Know Too Much

Game Type: Conspiracy

Welcome to the convoluted game that people play when attempting to navigate our deceptive society. If you haven’t played it, you know people who do. They don’t tell you they play it. But I guarantee that the more they question authority figures, the more they play the game. Do you question what you’re told by the media? Are you an independent thinker with critical thinking skills who isn’t swayed by trends? If so, enjoy the game! It’s made for you.


Never use the word “conspiracy.” You lose 5 credibility points each time you do. Use “maneuvers” or “analysis.” This applies to anything you say when you aren’t playing the game. This includes dream conversations.

Game Objective:

To keep friends, profession, living relatives, longevity, credibility at the same time as authentic integrity. Good luck!


Use allotted numbing points on drinking alone, narcotics, non-relevant TV watching.

Game Layout:

Multiple layers of illusion as propaganda. You, the hero of the game, are not told which is the final Level. Guessing is allowed. Only the first ten levels are described in the official rule book.

The final levels must not be discussed with other players. Silence applies not only to phone calls and internet, but in-person; surveillance has many methods, and even team members can suddenly turn on you, giving them extra social points and also longevity points for messing with your mind.

If you do talk about the number of levels existing in the game, your actions cause great consequences for your loved ones.

No, the game is not returnable. Once you begin playing, you can not stop.

If you have been determined by the surveillance masters to be psychopathic, the danger to your loved ones obviously does not concern you. So, another consequence will be chosen without telling you what it is. (The consequences appear to have patterns, but this is a ploy. This does not count as a tip because you will never thank me for this. You will curse me, I know.)


Chose your job wisely depending on what you can manage. Jobs in popular media, education or the military give you more points than jobs in fashion, factories or music.

The difference in points arises because of the higher temptation to explain important propaganda techniques that you see while working in the higher-point jobs.

Begin first by practicing with lower-point jobs to gain skill in ignoring your conscience before you are put to the test with jobs more relevant to the situation. If you continually lose at lower levels with those jobs, do not attempt higher-point jobs, as you won’t come out ahead. Proceed above the level of Congressman with extreme caution.

Game Hero’s Powers:

Tragic level of Discrimination. Hero begins with 1000 credibility points, 20 friends and 1000 social media friends, 1 job, 5 relatives, 20 years to live.

You, as hero, employ methods of dumbing down insight, hiding awareness: this promotes longer life, more friends in person and in social media.

The more you parrot whatever the news anchor announces, the better your longevity. Whatever the most popular news anchor says requires continual expressions of outrage among the in-crowd. So, the more upset you seem about the news caster’s lies, acting as if you believe them, the more credibility you have, leading to longer longevity.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Game Level 1: Your internet searches are being monitored.


When you’re researching sensitive topics regarding what’s really going on in this deceptive culture, pretend to be writing a novel about the subject you are typing into your search engine.

Ideally, write the fiction to avoid suspicion. Understand that almost no editor will accept your piece if it involves controversial truth while the majority of people demonize truth-tellers, so this gives you the chance to continue researching online for “revisions” for decades. (Even so, do not search for motion detecting home surveillance cameras. Buy these only at yard sales.)

Game Level 2.

Local surveillance. Camera installed on the roof across from yours, strange van parked across the street, strangers passing you on the sidewalk shouting to you about the “story you are writing.”


Do not type anything about how you are “pretending to write a story” as your keystrokes are being logged.

Do not fool yourself that the rules of previous Levels no longer apply. Points are removed for breaking the the lower level rules. (Note — this is not in the official rule book but I guarantee it is true. You can always trust what I say.)

Never trust anyone.

Game Level 3. Trolls.


Small YouTube style videos are offered to players within the game to test your reaction. Your response allows you to either win or lose points. Decide which videos are sincere and which are made by CounterIntelligence agents to avoid suspion.

When you watch the videos, pretend to be unimpressed: a built-in camera records and automatically analyzes your reactions. (Remember, do not share these tips with anyone who has not bought this information. I must make my living somehow. I have no other jobs available to me, because I know too much.)

Do not engage with comments on your social media that come from people pretending to have friends who say they have experienced events described in mass media which you know to be false. No matter what you say, you will lose points, and they will gain points.

Yes, they know what they are saying for profit is untrue. But after saying it enough times, they come to hate you for disbelieving their lies. They will feel you are heartless for not going along with social engineering that tugs on the heartstrings. Shoot them down not by comments but by deletion.

Game Level 4. Mind Control.

Your ongoing research into the horrors of pretense leaves you sleepless, malnourished and unable to digest your food, employing numbing tactics. Lonely from isolation, you are now gullible and vulnerable to believing even the CounterIntelligence assets’ most obviously fake videos and articles. You will take a major hit from sharing even one of these with anyone. Your judgement is impaired.


Do not take a risk. Do the blurry-eyes test first before you take a chance on making a mistake. Proceed with great caution. Depending on the other players, forgetting this one tip can make you lose the game through drastic loss of credibility, friends, spouse and profession.

This silence applies even to private conversations. Think about it. If you have talked with others in your profession about associates you have in common, do you not think they talk about you? If tempted, share your knowledge in a message that you send to yourself. Wait until the next day before sharing the secret email with anyone else and only after drinking one cup of coffee. Not one cup more, not one cup less.

If you share a comment when you’re feeling brave, upon realizing the consequences of your risky action, pretend to go into a coma for as long as you can get away with. But remember, real medical professionals can tell the difference.

Having a video camera set up in your room that you can use for evidence of your coma works, but be sure to set up a way for waste to exit your body underneath the covers in some reasonably pleasant way. This pretense of a coma can rarely be done for more than three days. Your friends and colleagues will forgive you and care about you again because they put aside differences during extreme illness, especially when death may be imminent. Use this technique only once.

Game Level 5. It All Comes Together.

This level is hard, because by now, everything is making so much sense. This is an overstatement: nothing makes sense. But in an increasingly creepy way. You can absolutely not understand how anyone believes the media’s official cover-story that is so obviously flawed and contradictory.

You don’t even want your job, friends, longevity any more, but you do want credibility points, so you can blow the story wide open and force people to see with their own eyes.

If you are forced to take prescription medication to handle being hated by everyone who refuses to question authority, you have very little chance of winning the game. The medicine is suspected of making you immune to seeing past media lies. More studies need to be done on this possibility.


Really, there is little hope. There is only luck. I don’t even believe in luck. But at least don’t go thinking that everything happens for a reason, and was meant to be. If you do, you’ve already lost, as far as I’m concerned, dweeb.

Game Level 6. You Have Always.

(Been playing this game, been groomed for a role in the #conspiracy,# been under mind-control until just now as a multiple-personality, been married to a spy, or known — and you just forgot about it until now.) This revelation will make you shudder. This is so bad that it’s best to remove all alcohol from your vicinity.


Have fun with it. The rush is worth it.

Game Level 7. The Photoshop Analyst.

You know, or hire, an expert in changing photos. You can ask the expert his advice as you peer more deeply into the hoax that is perpetuated by false news. He shows you which photos have been altered to fit the agenda of the controllers of our society.

Then, you start to notice your own family photos have been subtly changed. Taking a break at this point is allowed, but don’t stall out for too long.


Keep digital back-ups of all your research before you get to this stage, and keep the images on a thumb drive in a locked box watched over by the motion-sensing camera. You’ll thank me for this. I hope you live in a place with good yard sales where you can buy a thumb drive and lock box.

Note — sophisticated baby cams will work nicely. Lurk in neighborhoods with kids when you’re looking for the yard sales to buy one of those. Don’t be stingy on purchasing this little gem. Avoid the computers, cameras, baby-cams, etc. with built-in surveillance back doors. For a list of those, send me a letter snail mail, and a 100 dollar bill, and I will mail it to you.

Level 8. Supernatural.

Seemingly impossible paranormal events occur. Many play the game just to get to this level, as it is the most fun by far, and also the most sophisticated and complex. Making it through this level takes much longer than previous ones due to the variety of overlapping and contradictory events. It’s more entertaining than any movie because movies are not real.


Record your dreams. Some of the events will happen while you sleep in REM state. These may or may not be projected through technology or fake “entities.”

False memories and dream images may have been implanted using hypnosis, narcotics and alien-costumes when you were abducted by assets pretending to be aliens.

Keep not only pen and paper by your bed and a flashlight. For when the flashlight suddenly fails, a candle and lighter is handy, and for when the candle or lighter suddenly fails — matches. Do not keep the matches by water that could tip over onto them for no reason.

Do not type your dreams. Remember — logged keystrokes. Deleting does no good. It just makes it look more suspicious.

This level has some advantages, because whereas before you couldn’t imagine how your friends could possibly not want to delve into the truth, now you get why they would not want to know about this. You understand why they ruthlessly not believe how bad corruption is that is going on in our culture. You might begin to not want to understand the corruption, yourself. Because, you no longer feel the same need to inform them of the details of the cover-up.

You may also no longer desperately wish you still had someone willing to cohabitate with you. You know they couldn’t protect you against this. You no longer blame people for being willfully gullible.

Game Level 9. Book Deal.

Because you have successfully put together cogent and complete diagrams and outlines of the entire conspiracy and how it relates to other conspiracies throughout history, you are approached by editors with the possibility of publication.

Publication is only mildly lucrative, and its presence would mean you could definitely not get another job. Avoid the ego telling you how great being a published author would be. Forget the belief that people will believe you if your analysis is blurbed by a respected figure. Making it past this level is challenging.


Heroism points are actually worthless. They are also intrinsically tied to the Foolhardy demerits. They are there only to con you into taking this book deal. It may seem like you will gain credibility points and win back those who have pushed you aside as insane, but you are only kidding yourself.

However, if you take the book deal and survive assassination, you are able to skip the next five Honorary Levels and play with the big boys.

Game Level 10. You Are the ONLY One who has Completely Figured it Out.


Don’t bother to keep trying to write down your dreams. You will be shaking too much for your handwriting to be legible. At this point, you might as well type. The surveillers have probably activated the thought scanners on you by now anyway.

And you might be impressive enough they haven’t decided to kill you off just yet. You might have a use for them that you hadn’t thought of.

Try to keep your appearance neat: if you do, possibly one of the surveillance operatives following everything that you do might fall in love with you. Bonding with your controller might seem like your only way out. Only that person knows for sure. Don’t trust anyone, but when lust is involved, obviously, that is a moot point. You’ll do what you want.

Game Levels:11 — ? Honorary

These unknown number of levels branch off and combine with your unique personal signature, using biometrics and DNA slicing, so no one else experiences exactly the same thing as you. Remember, you are all the only one.


These levels employ quantum physics principles and thus are best played on quantum computers for the best advantage if you are serious about winning. Of course, you also lose. Enjoy the game!

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Gold-medal-winning psychological suspense novelist, writing Instructor, manuscript editor living in Berkeley.

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Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko

Gold-medal-winning psychological suspense novelist, writing Instructor, manuscript editor living in Berkeley.

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