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Welcome to my home!

Music fit for life

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Scenes, plots, structure, cliches, punctuation, and more

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Want an easy go-to list for writing narrative?

Elements of a complete scene

Story structure

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How people with unstable self-esteem treat you and why

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Understanding Self-Esteem-People

As a longtime aura viewer, I noticed this pattern

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Protective Layer Around the Self

Shaking up the default expectations of humanity

Messing with your mind

Try this experiment with your narrative

Characters embody traits that you should familiarize yourself with

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Why Not Just Study Writing Craft?

Brainstorming, Submitting, Joining Movements, Being Part of the Scene, and Changing the Conversation

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How Can You Get Started Writing Something without a Formula?

Tantra Bensko

Gold-medal-winning psychological suspense novelist, writing Instructor, manuscript editor living in Berkeley.

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